Red Ladybird sensor Pet Bowl Small Cat Dog Automatic Bowl

Red Ladybird sensor Pet Bowl Small Cat Dog Automatic Bowl

The Ladybird may be the cutest of the ladybird series. With its 2- part ladybird style wing lid and stainless steel finishes, these ladybird sensor pet bowls are just perfect for any home whilst keeping pet food fresh, keeps flies away. They go well in different contexts and with any decoration.


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Hands-free, sensor pet bowl feeder with 2-part ladybird style wing lid - each half opening left and right. When your hand approaches, the motion sensor opens the bin automatically. As you move away, the lid closes. The circular ABS plastic bowl contains a dishwasher safe aluminium removable inner container for emptying, cleaning and replacing.

The ladybird sensor pet bowl is one of the smallest and most popular pet feeding gadgets in the Autobin range. This versatile product can be utilised as a storage container, or for food scraps & peelings, egg shells, tea bags, coffee pods, stationery, sweets and snack container - even as a pet feeding bowl, that keep the flies away while retaining the freshness of the contents. The list of potential uses is endless!

The lid opens like a ladybird's wings, sideways and in 2 halves. It is sensor activated and runs economically on only 2 AA batteries.

Because the mini Ladybird sensor pet bowl have a multitude of uses, they offer an efficient solution for households and professional settings.  Hygienic to use, with its easy to clean removable tray, that can be used to recycle kitchen waste.

In a revolutionary design, the Ladybird style pet bowl feeder not only has a lid shaped like a ladybird's wings and movements, but it is finished in red with black spots!

Seals odours & eliminates cross-contamination of germs with touch-free operation

Features a dish washer friendly inner removable aluminium inner pail,

Energy saving technology keeps battery life 20% longer – up to 14 months.

Ladybird style sideways two-part opening lid

Ladybird sensor pet bowl with multitudes of uses within any home


Height: 100 mm
Width: 197 mm
Depth: 197 mm


Customer Reviews

table top bins Review by Rosie
Its ladybird wings lid was such a good idea. Congrats, it’s just perfect! (Posted on 05/09/2017)
Simple and Pretty Review by Laura
It has an amazing technology for a really cute table top compost bin. Very versatile. Love it. (Posted on 05/09/2017)
I love it! Review by Carol
I’m really amazed by these pretty table top bins, they are a perfect item for my counter top! (Posted on 05/09/2017)
food waste bin Review by scott
It's a bit small so I came back and bought your 8L kitchen food bin. I found another use for the 2L bin - it's now an ashtray and a bloody good one! (Posted on 31/03/2015)
ladybird style bin Review by Edith
I got this as a gift bought for me by my daughter. I use it as a counter top bin and put my little food scraps in it, mainly my used teabags. It's a darling little thing (Posted on 31/03/2015)

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