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Recycling Kitchen Bins with 2 Compartments

Recycling can be a bit of a chore and sometimes there just isn't enough room in the kitchen and we don't want a bag hanging on a door handle or a box lying on the floor to separate our rubbish. Our AutoBin Recycling kitchen bin models offer a great solution with capacities that hold up to 80 litres with 2 removable inner compartments!

Not only can you select the size and style of 2 compartment recycling kitchen bins, you'll also be getting a premium stainless steel kitchen bin with a sensor lid and 10 years warranty! Convenience and hygiene in one.  All our models are designed to hold 2 separate bags held in place by separate bag retaining rings. So if one side fills up faster than the other, you can change the bag.


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    8L Kitchen Worktop Bin

    8 Litre Kitchen Worktop Bin

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    The touch-free technology of the 8L kitchen worktop bin allows you to dispose of any waste in a simpler, quicker and more hygienic way. Benefit from a well-thought stainless steel design and the most innovative motion sensor technology.

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