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We've turned the traditional bin on it's head. Introducing the bin with sensor lid

The Autobin Cylinder Series may look like a classic kitchen bin style but the clever use of infrared sensor technology has turned a conventional design on it's head. This stunning kitchen bin with sensor lid is available in a brushed stainless steel finish for that ultimate professional look and is available in two sizes 50L and 32L. All Autobin sensor bins come with a 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind and the future of household hygiene. 

No Hands - No Mess - No Fuss!
The Autobin Cylinder Series are ideal for Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens

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    50L Stainless Steel Bin

    50 Litre Stainless Steel Bin

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    This 50L stainless steel bin brings you the perfect functionality with its touchless sensor bin technology and a smooth design thanks to its brushed steel finishes. The perfect combination of innovation and design with enough capacity for any home. 

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