Sensor technology is being increasingly integrated into technologies we use every day, ranging mobile phones to medical equipment. It is an ever expanding technology with thousands of uses and applications. In recent years as the technology has become more widespread and we are beginning to see it utilised more and more in everyday life. The Autobin range has grabbed a piece of this pie for itself and the team behind it has integrated their patented ‘Eagle-Eye’ sensor technology into it’s fine range of stylish stainless steel bins.


This not only grants it a fancy and more technologically advanced edged on the competitors, but it has the added security of providing a hygienic solution to waste disposal. As we are all aware, bins and waste disposal boxes carry a litany of germs and dirt. This is easily spread throughout the home via cross contamination. Think about it, how often in the course of a day, or even during the course of preparing a meal do you touch your bin? Quite a few and it adds up. With the Autobin range we completely remove this added threat of cross contamination and cease the spread of germs related to touching bins.

The patented ‘Eagle-Eye’ system is a first for bringing this technology into the household; it is innovatively incorporated into the stylish design of your fingerprint proof stainless steel bin and is activated by simply moving your hand within a few inches of the sensor. Simply by waving your hand in front of the bin, depositing your waste and then allowing the bin to automatically close itself you are impeding the spread of germs and taking positive steps towards a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen. Indeed it doesn’t just stop there; there are a whole range of bins for every possible need in your household, from the ‘Ladybird’ small bin which will sit on your countertop, bathroom or bedroom to the generous 80 litre Autobin, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy any waste disposal need in your household. All bins are very generously priced and come with batteries and a guarantee which will satisfy your need for a superior product.