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How do you hold and dispense kitchen roll? Traditional cylinder holders make tearing off the paper towel awkward, and you can typically end up unwinding half the roll. Paper towel holders can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. The answer? The Autotowel wall mounted kitchen roll dispenser makes it simple to grab some paper towel or dry your hands in a flash.

So, how does it work? Well, the Autotowel has been designed to be perfectly simple to operate – it is 100% touch-free. Not only does this make it easier to use, it also improves the hygiene of your kitchen  by preventing cross contamination. Imagine you are cooking and require a paper towel; you hold the roll or the holder to break some off and get on with the task at hand. When you go back to the kitchen roll to use it again, there may be bacteria on the holder or even on the paper towel itself. Using it again creates cross-contamination. The Autotowel is completely different. It reduces the risk of cross contamination. A motion detecting sensor dispenses the kitchen roll when required and it is cut by a self-sharpening blade inside the machine. So you get just as much towel as you need with no need to tug and no risk of unrolling the whole roll! The machine is water resistant so it is completely safe to use.

The Autotowel comes with all the fixings you will need to attach it to the underside of a kitchen cupboard. You can fill it easily with whichever brand or style of paper towel/kitchen roll you prefer – no need to buy a particular type. The wall-mounted Autotowel is easy to install, and it simply plugs into the mains. It operates quietly and efficiently, making life just that little bit easier!

This Autotowel is the black version but it is also available in a silver design, choose the one that suits your kitchen best!


• Stainless Steel
• Choice of Silver or Black
• Mains Operated
• Self Sharpening Steel Blade
• Use Any Kitchen Paper Towels
• Fittings And Easy To Follow Instructions Provided To Fit To Your Kitchen Cabinet
• Water-resistant Infrared Sensor Technology
• 100% Hands-free Operation
• Hygiene Solution For The Family Or Commercial Setting
• Minimises Cross-contamination
• 2 Year Warranty

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The autotowel comes in a choice of two colours – black and silver.