When it comes to hygiene and innovation, we believe that it ought to be available to homes as well as businesses.  Often you see businesses using technology that isn't readily available for the family home.  Not only that, you wouldn't want it quite the same anyway because it looks commercial.  This applies to so many things.

When it comes to hygiene, isn't hygiene as important to your family kitchen as it is when you eat out in a restaurant?  Of course.  It seems that there is less on the market for hygiene at home than there is for commercial establishments where it is more the case of legal obligation than caring for customers.

We deal in the NineStars manufactured "AutoBin" brand of sensor bins for many reasons one of which is that they are stylish at home, prestigious in the office and hardwearing for the chiefs kitchen.  They are completely hands-free and hygienic for anyone's waste disposal wherever the application.  SensorBin silently speaks the message "I'm elegant, I'm strong, I'm intelligent, I'm clean, I have a fantastic body, I'm yours for a guaranteed 10 years!"

Any sensor Bin model you purchase from this site comes with a 10 year manufactures warranty.  Beware of imitations that seem appealing by price but do not use the same grade of stainless steel bins and inferior sensor technology.  You will find yourself with little or no warranty and they are renowned to not last.

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