This large kitchen bin, in premium grade stainless steel  with an attractive brushed finish is designed to provide the very best in both function and form for your home. Big bins make working in your kitchen a breeze; this example has the large capacity that you need for a busy household with all the hygiene benefits of a tight fitting lid and of course, the sensor that means the bin is touch-free. The infra-red sensor makes the bin easy to use, for every member of the household. From professional chefs to children embarking on their first cookery adventures, the 60 litre stainless steel sensor bin is an excellent choice.

The 60litre kitchen bin looks good too – why compromise on how your large kitchen bin looks and how it performs? The design is unobtrusive, perfect for the modern home and with plenty of additional features that make it a cut above other bins. For a start, the bag-retaining ring inside the 60 litre kitchen bin makes sure that no food waste or liquids weigh down the bin lining bag and cause it to slip. Bags which fall into the bin and cause leakages and spills, especially in kitchen bins, are one of the most frustrating aspects of cleaning the kitchen. The ring inside this bin stops that from happening, so you can be confident that you will never open it and find any spillage or sagging of the bin liner.

When you are looking for a large kitchen bin, you want to know that your choice will last. A good quality bin is important – for hygiene reasons, for aesthetic reasons and for value. Big bins need to be reliable. That’s why the 60litre large capacity kitchen bin is made from premium grade stainless steel, with a hard, durable plastic head. All materials are chosen for durability and resilience, so you can use the bin, clean the bin and move the bin as much as you want. The 10 year guarantee backs up our commitment to quality.


5 Reasons To Buy Now 




  • 1019mm (H open) x 372mm(dep) x 265mm(w)
  • Weight: 5370g
  • Advanced infra-red sensor - A1 Smart-Chip ™
  • Dust and dirt resistant quiet lid - Silenx Technology ™
  • Motion sensor - "Eagle Eye" Technology ™
  • Sensor activated by hand motion
  • Water resistant sensor protection
  • 100% "Hands-Free" operation minimising cross-contamination
  • Durable premium grade brushed stainless steel body ensures long lifetime usage
  • Manual over-ride buttons -"open" and "close" allows disposal of larger waste or frequent deposits for a period.
  • Removable hard ABS plastic head for easy cleaning
  • Uses 4 D-sized batteries 1.5V (LR20) (included)
  • Low energy-consumption, Battery life: Up to 24 months dependant on use
  • New 10 year warranty applies to all models