Ladybird Series

Ladybird Series

Sensor Bins with Sideways Sliding Lids

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home...

The Ladybird Series is unique from the rest of our sensor bin range in that the lid resembles a ladybird's wings.  The lid, in two halves, shaped like ladybird's wings, open out sideways as if your bin were about to fly away!  If you have limited vertical space above your bin, it's ideal or it may simply be that you prefer this style to a traditional up/down lid.  In the Ladybird Series we have a 47L Stainless Steel Kitchen Sensor Bin, a 2L Sensor Bowl that is most commonly purchased as a kitchen worktop bin for used teabags and small food scraps and a 2L Sensor Pet Feeding Bowl.

When it comes to our 2L model, you have far more than a sensor bin.  It's more accurately described as a bowl than a bin.  If not a bin then it can be used for mult-purposes such as a posh bowl for sweets, money, keys, jewellery  - the list is endless