47L Semi-Circle Bathroom Sensor Bin

47L Semi-Circle Bathroom Sensor Bin

Semi-Circle, Flat Back and Ladybird style lid opening


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Why Choose Sensor Bin’s 47L Ladybird Kitchen Waste Bin with its Automatic Sliding Lid?


  • Firstly, it’s a good size for an average sized family
  • Secondly, it looks and cleans well with its brushed stainless steel body and premium grade at that
  • Thirdly, it’s different in that the sideways sliding lid that resembles a ladybird’s wings is designed to be more pleasing to the eye than a traditional up/down bin lid.  It may be more practical to you too if you don’t have much clearance space above your kitchen waste bin
  • Fourthly, it has a flat back so that the semi-circle kitchen bin can be pushed against the wall, out of the way
  • Finally, it has all the features and benefits that are standard with an AutoBin – a sensor lid for touchless waste disposal, bag retaining ring, tapered body to remove your bag easily and of course a 10 year warranty.



  • Semi-circle stainless steel kitchen sensor bin, fingerprint and smear resistant
  • Tapered to prevent vacuum when pulling out the bin liner
  • Motion sensor activated lid opening, lid closes automatically
  • Ladybird style lid opening – the lid parts sideways
  • With no vertical space used by the lid, this bin fits under most kitchen counter-tops
  • Manual override open and close buttons
  • Long battery life
  • 10 years warranty on the sensor function
  • Bag retaining ring (included) to keep the bag tidily inside the bin

Specifications (mm):

Height: 665
Width:  465
Depth:  278


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