SensorBin Oval 12L Head Unit

SensorBin Oval 12L Head Unit

12L Oval Series Replacement Head Unit to include lid, sensor and battery compartment.

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Our replacement head for the  12L Oval Series. The Head is where all the technology is at!

Advanced infra-red sensor using the New A1 Smart-Chip ™
Dust and dirt resistant quiet lid using the New Silenx Technology ™
Motion sensor using New "Eagle Eye" Technology ™
Water Resistant Sensor Protection
100% "Hands-Free" operation
"Germ-Free" - Prevents cross-contamination
Sensor active at 20 degrees angle - activated by hand motion
Lid opens automatically when close users hand motion is detected – within 0.5 seconds
Lid will close 3 seconds after users hand moves away
Manual over-ride buttons -"open" and "close" allows users to dispose larger waste
Easy access & Loss proof battery compartment cover
Removable hard ABS plastic head for easy cleaning
Low energy-consumption
Battery Life: Up to 24 months dependant on use

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